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Why would anyone need a resume service and how can Coral Resume be of any help. The big question is Can Coral resume really help. Another question. How is Coral resume any different than the Naukri's and monsters of the world. Well lets try to answer these questions.

If you have a very crisp and well written resume, then you don't need to worry. But you need to ask two very important questions. One. Are you getting enough attention from perspective employers and getting enough Interview calls. Second. How helpful is your resume in setting the tone of the interview and does it help you in negotiating the salary component.

Really, how can a resume help in setting the tone of the interview and how on this Gods Green earth can a resume help anyone negotiate a better salary. Well, read on to find the answer.

See its simple mathematics really. 2+2=4 Imagine you are the employer or the interviewer and you have to decide who to hire among two awesome candidates. Both are excellent and match your job description perfectly. But you can only hire one. So who would that be.

One guy comes with a very different resume. That resume is creative, well designed, eye catching, interesting and even have that small barcode at the top. That barcode when scanned opens a mobile resume on your Smartphone. He also have his persona url (like johndoe.com or whatever his name is) The other candidate has the regular resume he drafted last night. Though it is pretty crisp, but it is just a resume and you don't give it a second though other than using it as a document to verify his claims. Now who will you hire really.

Not only that but a good resume separates you from the crowd of the competition. The is a thing called "10 second glance" factor. An employer spends no longer than 10 seconds glancing through a resume and if he finds what he is looking for he will call you for an interview. Does your resume has that 10 second glance factor.

We see hundreds of resumes on our desk every week and one thing that is common all across is that they are either very under playing the candidate or there is just too much information which makes it looks like an essay.

Now comes the point, of How can Coral Resume Service be of any help to you and How do we do it.

We have a team of ex- HR professionals doing the resume write up for you. They are based in India, USA, UK and Singapore. Our team is highly qualified for writing resumes and know exactly what the employers are looking for. HR people keep telling us that most of the resumes are just contact details and job responsibilities. Is that true with your resume as well?

There are hundreds of big shot companies out there that do the resume writing. Like some of the big Giant Job portals also provide resume writing service. But have you really noticed that they are actually Job portals trying to make an extra buck while selling jobs. While they are selling jobs, why not make an extra buck writing up your resume. Hire a few writers, train them and BAM.

This is where Coral Resume is different. We do not sell, jobs, we do not promise to highlight your resume on the job portal, and we make no false claim of sending out your resumes to hundreds of consultants out there. We do ONLY resume writing and creating an awesome profile for you. That is our passion, our bread and butter. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us because we do not have anything else to up sell.

Not only a crisp and attractive resume, but we also load it up with latest gadgets, like a Mobile resume with a QR code, your personal url (website) etc. All our efforts go in making you shine. Again, as mentioned before, this is the only thing we do and we do it well.

You should try us out today to see the difference. Click here to contact us.


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